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Which cultural landmarks will I see on your tours?

This depends on which of our six packages you choose...


Packages 1 & 2 - The Culture on Wheels and Emirati Hospitality Experiences 


Both take in seven heritage-inspired activities in Dubai.

  1. Smccu: cultural understanding center with open doors and open mind messages.
  2. Al Fahidi - The starting point for each tour and one of the oldest neighborhoods in Dubai.
  3. Al Seef - Old meets new in this unique heritage hub. Full of activities to do in both the daytime and nighttime, it’s home to a marina, hotel, floating market, a dining boulevard, a 1950’ s style souk and more. 
  4. Al Fahidi Fort (Dubai Museum) Constructed in 1787, this is the oldest building in Dubai and it’s a great place to learn about the history of the city and the pastime and tradition of pearl diving.
  5. Abra - Otherwise known as Dubai creek. At one time this was the biggest trading hubs in the UAE.
  6. Al Shindagha – These museums found in the former homes of the ruling family show what it used to be like to live alongside the Dubai Creek. Guests can also visit the perfume house here. 
  7. Etihad Museum (Union House) - The Union House flag is the largest flag in the UAE.
  8. Jumeirah Mosque This iconic mosque is one of the most famous attractions in Dubai, and the gardens are lovely to explore in both the daytime and nighttime.
  9. La Mer - La Mer resembles a global village with different cultural themes including architecture, food and ambience surrounded by vintage art and local art and calligraphy

Where does the Heritage Express depart from?

For the ‘Culture on Wheels’ and ‘Emirati Hospitality Experience’ tours, the trolley leaves from the designated meeting spot Al Fahidi.

How long does each tour last?

1) Culture on Wheels Experience – 2.5 hours.

2) Emirati Hospitality Experience - 4 hours.

What should I bring on the tours?

Just bring your ticket (printed or ready to show on your mobile), plus a smile and an open mind! Basic refreshments such as water, tea, coffee and dates are included in all packages while the Emirati Hospitality Experience includes a choice of breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Are daytime and nighttime activities included in the tour?

Yes, our tours depart at different times throughout the morning, afternoon, and evening.

What languages are the tours available in?

Currently, all the tours are only available in English. However, , translators can be provided upon request.

Aside from the historical attractions, what other unique activities in Dubai will I see?

Whilst the experiences vary in length and route, each provides so many great landmarks, photo opportunities and fascinating stories.They also all involve a fun ride in our custom-designed trolley (a brilliant activity in itself), your own storytelling Emirati guide, and traditional refreshments such as dates and Arabic coffee.


Pick an experience!


Culture on Wheels

Enjoy an authentic interactive experience with a professional Emirati guide. Plenty of fun, interesting stories, photographs and life-time memories.

  • Unique custom designed ‘trolley’ experience
  • 3-hour interactive live guided tour
  • Key historical attractions
  • Desert Bedouin Experience
  • Jumeirah Mosque Garden Experience
  • Emirati Snacks
  • Hygiene precautions in place
  • Access to Heritage Express Gift Shop

Culture on Wheels & Emirati Hospitality Experience

Add to your Culture on Wheels experience by booking the Open Doors Open Minds cultural hospitality program. Enjoy Emirati cuisine in a traditional heritage house.

  • Unique custom designed ‘trolley’ experience
  • 5-hour interactive live guided tour
  • Key historical attractions
  • Desert Bedouin Experience
  • Jumeirah Mosque Garden Experience
  • Emirati Snacks and Meal (choice between breakfast, lunch or dinner)
  • The signature Q&A session with the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Centre for Cultural Understanding Heritage House
  • Hygiene precautions in place
  • Access to Heritage Express Gift Shop

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