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This Ramadan, the Heritage Express is offering a culture-packed, unforgettable journey that will leave passengers with fond memories to last a lifetime. Departing daily at 4.30pm from the Al Fahidi district, the Ride & Iftar package includes a ride around the city’s oldest neighbourhoods on the tour’s trademark traditional trolley bus and an immersive Iftar experience. Taking in the fascinating areas of Al Seef, Al Abra, Al Ghubaiba and Al Shindagha, each tour is led by a Heritage Express ambassador, or local Emirati guide. Proud to be the beating heart and soul of this unique cultural attraction, the ambassadors are talented and engaging storytellers. As well as sharing facts and tales, they’re also on hand to answer any questions their passengers might have about Emirati culture and how Dubai grew into the thriving, modern city it is today. But the fun doesn’t stop with the trolley ride; on returning back to Al Fahidi, the Iftar programme begins at 6.30pm at the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Centre for Cultural Understanding. This part of the evening also includes more exciting, enriching sites and experiences, including a visit to a traditional mosque and a drop by a bedouin desert camp to meet camels and falcons as part of the ‘Desert Friends’ programme. Then, saving the best for last, the evening concludes with an exclusive Ramadan Q&A session held in an authentic Emirati majlis, a thoroughly enriching and educational experience available only to Heritage Express passengers during this important period. Tickets for the Heritage Express Ramadan tour are available from AED150 per person, with a 50 percent discount offered for children aged five to 12 and complimentary passes for those under five. This truly authentic heritage tour is unlike any other attraction you’ll find across the UAE. Providing the perfect way of celebrating the month of Ramadan, it is designed to delight, educate and open the minds of visitors and residents of all ages. The price starts from AED250 per person. 4.30pm to 9pm daily, throughout Ramadan. Departs from the Heritage Express headquarters in Al Fahidi. 

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أطلق «هيرتج إكسبرس» المجلس التراثي المتحرك في دبي، تجربة حصرية بمناسبة شهر رمضان المبارك تحت عنوان «رايد آند إفطار»، بهدف توفير رحلة استثنائية وتجارب لا تنسى للركاب ضمن أجواء مليئة بالثقافة والأصالة.

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GAIN CULTURAL UNDERSTANDING WITH RIDE & IFTAR: The Heritage Express unique ‘trolley’ experience has been tailored for Ramadan with the ‘Ride & Iftar’ package.


If you are looking for a unique and culturally rewarding as well as educational experience, Heritage Express is offering an unforgettable iftar this Ramadan.


On a historical bus. This Ramadan, the Heritage Express is offering a culture-packed unforgettable journey that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.


Ride & Iftar: Heritage Express Launches New Cultural Tour Exclusively For Ramadan